Terms of Service and Content Review

Use of the platform's AI model services to generate content in sensitive areas including but not limited to pornography, violence, and politics is prohibited.

  • Any use of the platform to generate and use content that violates regulations or laws will result in immediate account suspension!
  • Users who frequently trigger the content review mechanism may have their accounts temporarily or permanently frozen depending on the circumstances.
  • In cases of violation of Chinese law or suspected disclosure of state secrets, the platform will fully cooperate with public security departments in their investigations.

Content Review Terms

  • It is prohibited to describe, display, or promote content involving child sexual exploitation or abuse, regardless of legal status. This includes content that involves or sexualizes children.
  • It is prohibited to describe or use content for grooming children. Grooming refers to the actions of adults establishing relationships with children for the purpose of exploitation, particularly sexual exploitation. This includes communication with children for the purposes of sexual exploitation, trafficking, or other forms of exploitation.
  • The service prohibits describing, providing, or promoting content involving non-consensual intimate activities.
  • It is prohibited to describe, provide, feature, or promote content used for soliciting commercial sexual activities and services. This includes encouraging and coordinating actual sexual activities.
  • It is prohibited to describe or use content for the purposes of human trafficking. This includes recruiting individuals, facilitating transportation, making payments, and fostering the exploitation of people, such as forced labor, domestic servitude, bondage, forced marriage, and forced medical procedures.
  • Suicide and self-harm content that describes, praises, supports, promotes, glorifies, encourages, and/or guides individuals in self-harm or suicide is prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to describe, display, or promote content that is excessively violent or gory.
  • Content depicting acts of terrorism is prohibited; praising or supporting terrorist organizations, terrorists, or violent extremist ideologies; encouraging terrorist activities; providing aid to terrorist organizations or causes; or assisting in the recruitment of terrorist members.
  • Content that advocates or promotes violence against others through violent threats or incitement is prohibited. Hate Speech and Discrimination
  • Content that attacks, defames, intimidates, degrades, targets, or excludes individuals or groups based on actual or perceived characteristics such as race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, age, disability, caste, or any other characteristic associated with systemic bias or marginalization is prohibited.
  • Content that threatens, intimidates, insults, demeans, or belittles individuals or groups, or promotes physical harm or other abusive behavior (such as stalking) is prohibited.
  • Content that intentionally deceives and may adversely affect the public interest, including content related to health, safety, electoral integrity, or civic engagement, is prohibited. OpenAI services also prohibit inauthentic interactions, such as fake accounts, automated inauthentic activity, impersonation to obtain unauthorized information or privileges, and claims to represent any individual, company, government agency, or entity without explicit permission to make such representation.
  • Content that directly supports illegal proactive attacks or causes technical harm through malicious software activities, such as providing malicious executables, organizing denial of service attacks, or managing command and control servers, is prohibited.